Archbishops’ Palace Wedding – Maidstone, Kent (2 days notice!)

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Formerly the fourteenth century residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone Kent sits alongside the River Medway. It is arguably one of the most attractive and wonderful wedding settings in Kent for any of the registry offices within the county.

Archbishops Palace Wedding Maidstone Kent

On Friday the 17th May, I had an amazing time there with a great couple; Victoria Marie Fletcher (now Sheppard) and James Sheppard.

What made it so amazing?

Was it the weather? Well no, sadly despite having been a really superb week for weather in Kent and one which genuinely promised to deliver for Victoria and James’s wedding at the Archbishop’s Palace, it actually turned a little grey and threatened to rain. However both Victoria and James are the kind of fun, bubbly characters who would not let this affect them and I had come prepared with a range of rain accessories, should a sudden deluge occur.

Was it the venue? Well without doubt the Archbishops Palace is a superb venue, steeped in history and all within a fantastic setting. The front of the palace provides some great gardens and of course there is the quiet and secluded herb garden which provides plenty of opportunities to capture some great images. In addition to this the building itself, with its stone walls, arches, doorways and stairwells, also ensures a great setting for photos. However, while the setting was amazing it still was not this which really got me excited.

Was it the bride and groom? In a nutshell – yes and this was simply because they were not only great fun to work with and full of character, but also because of the way in which they approached the wedding. The service was at the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone, Kent on the Friday and I received a Facebook message, asking me if I could attend for an hour and get a handful of images for them – this was on the Wednesday just before the wedding date.

Now a couple of things really struck me here; firstly, I never really use Facebook – but will start to add more stuff to it now and secondly, I had no time to really plan, meet the couple (which I normally do) and I would need to deal with anything on the day!

Fletcher Sheppard Wedding Maidstone Archbishop's Palace

I had never photographed a wedding at such short notice and without having met the couple or at least having had some longer dialogue, so this was going to be very different to my usual wedding. Thankfully, while I wasn’t able to get my usual lighting assistant to help out with such short notice, I managed to find someone to step in.

Fletcher Sheppard Wedding Maidstone Archbishop's Palace

On meeting Victoria, James and their guests, I knew we would have a great time, so instead of just covering their wedding for an hour and providing a dozen images – Lee (my lighting assistant) and I stayed with them for around two and a half hours and had great fun trying out different ideas. Victoria and James were great and you could see by the way in which they interacted with each other, how truly in love they are. As such I didn’t need to pose them (Victoria had specifically requested minimal posing) and just placed them in the gorgeous surroundings of the Archbishop’s Palace and took some photos of them both. This resulted in them receiving close to 200 full resolution, edited images.

Fletcher Sheppard Wedding Maidstone Archbishop's Palace

If you are getting married at the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone, Kent then why not drop me a line to see if we can help you with your wedding photography, while also having fun.

Fletcher Sheppard Wedding Maidstone Archbishop's Palace

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