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Having got married and also attended a vast number of weddings, I know that you will have two main concerns:

We are not models and worry that we will feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera.

We really don’t want to have someone there on our special day poking a camera in peoples faces and making all our guests feel watched.

Let me put you at ease and reassure you that the most common feedback I get from my couples is that they felt relaxed around me and how much all their guests warmed to me.

Ensuring that you and your guests are comfortable is my main priority on the day. When you and all your guests are completely at ease,  I can capture the best images; those magic, special memories of you all.

I am often asked how I would describe my photography style and I would say that it is modern, fresh with vibrant, natural colours that “pop”. This style lends itself to timeless pieces which don’t come and go into and out of fashion like some of the “filter looks” around. Ask yourself – “Will I still be proud to look back on these images in 10, 15 or 20 years time, or will they be out of fashion?”. 

We pride ourselves on our timeless art which tells the story of your day.

Why choose me to be your wedding photographer in Kent?

The number one reason to pick someone for your wedding photography in Kent is the quality of the pictures they take. If you like the look of my photos of other weddings and would be happy for your big day to be documented in my style then get in touch.

Secondly, I pride myself on being the type of wedding photographer that I would want at my wedding. I love documentary photography so make sure that I blend into the background on your wedding day. I try not to get in the way or in guests faces when capturing the day, but also ensure that I document those special moments.

For the artistic and creative shots, I coordinate rather than over-pose and then you make the magic happen, laughing and relaxing so that I can photograph you at your natural best.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Kent and love the idea of having someone who is laid back and will make you and your guests feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera please get in contact.

Why not book a “Try before you buy Engagement Shoot” – these are completely free of charge.

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Try before you buy

Looking at my photographs of other people is one thing, but to see yourself in my photographs will be the only way to truly know if I am the right guy for you.

Let’s meet up for an hour and take some snaps; it will give us a chance to meet properly, and give you a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera.

I know that engagement shoots can cost around £400 upwards, but I will meet up with you for an hour or two in an open space, like a park or in the countryside and take some photos while we chat about your big day. Then a few days later, I will send you the images to show you the style and type of photos you will get when booking me as the photographer for your wedding.

There is absolutely no charge for this – I do not take a deposit or ask you to sign anything, this really is a free service.

Get in touch....

Frequently asked questions

Yes, while I like to have fun and enjoy my work – I also take my business very seriously as well as wanting to provide you with complete reassurance. As such I have both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. However, I do always recommend that couples also take out their own wedding insurance.

Tip – do not book any wedding supplier unless they hold adequate insurance.

I have no problem with you asking me this question – heck, I am a father of two young daughters and I would want to know that any photographer working with them is safe and trust worthy. To reassure you; I can provide a copy of my CRB check – please don’t feel embarrassed to ask.

More importantly – you also have my reassurance, that I will never ask to be alone with any of my clients – young or old and of course you can always bring someone along for extra peace of mind.

Well really, what I need depends on what kind of photos you will be looking for:

Wedding Photography

I tend to cover the whole day, so that I can capture from the bride getting ready, right the way up to the evening entertainment – this is usually around 10 hours. I really enjoy weddings and love capturing those special moments for you to treasure, but of course it is a long day with travelling time and preparation. So what I do ask for is a meal to be provided during the day. I tend to suggest that this is provided in the same area and at the same time as the guests. Not so that I can intrude, but often something spontaneous will happen and if I am not there, I can not capture this for you.

Studio photography

If you are after studio, high/low key (white background or black tonal) type photos, then I will need space (for the back ground set up) and power for the lighting. Usually I ask for at least two accessible 240V power points and a minimum of 2m x 3m of clear and clean (my white back grounds are expensive professional grade – so I don’t like placing them directly onto muddy gardens!) floor space.

Often, I have used garages, gardens (weather dependent – please let me know if this is the plan – as I bring a tarpaulin), kitchens, dining rooms and spare rooms.

Naturally, the more people you want in the image, the larger the space you will need to provide – I have a background of up to 6m wide!

If you do not have such a large area – I can take smaller group shots and post process “stitch them” together seamlessly – large family groups look great on panoramic canvasses.

If space really is a problem, I am able to hire a local Maidstone based hall – but please note I will pass on the cost of this, which will need to be paid prior to the session. (Around £25 per hour – but I will pass on the exact price I get charged). Alternatively, feel free to source your own location closer to home.

If you can accommodate a studio shot in you home – this is ideal as you have ready access to as many outfit changes as you have in your wardrobe, as well as a wide variety and options for props………

Location shoots

These can be in you home, at the beach, in the local park or at a local historic building. For these, I really need very little other than good weather for outdoor shoots.

I tend to avoid midday for outside shoots, as the light is really not great for capturing those special moments – so I tend to either work aiming for the session to finish or break at around 11:30 am or not start until around 02:00 pm ………… but of course I am flexible around this.


It is important that we all really understand what you are looking for from your time with me, so I like to at least have an in depth conversation over the telephone and will often suggest we meet up. Meeting enables you to get to know me and for you to be relaxed when I am behind the camera – this results in better photos.

I believe in creating an easy to access and navigate online experience for my clients – but this must also be secure. You will note that if you look above in the address bar, I am using https protocol (techie for secure) and depending on your browser, a green padlock may be displayed. What does this mean…………… Well it simply means that I am using an approved SSL certificate or in other words, all the data passed between your computer and my web host server is encrypted and secure.

In addition to this my web server is located in a physically secure location and furthermore, I do not record any credit or debit card details – all payments are made via Paypal through their system directly or by BACS transfer.

I have studied a number of courses in photography, some which resulted in certificates and accreditation and others which were purely for interest. In addition to this, I have been fortunate to have worked alongside some excellent photographers. However, please don’t judge me, or any other photographer based on a certificate or letters after their name – make your decision an informed one, based on; do you get on with them – could you relax and work with them? and more importantly – is the quality of their product and their personal style in line with what you are looking for?

I don’t want to get into an argument about is Nikon or Canon best – I have always used Canon (but both brands are great).

I have five Canon DSLR bodies, a whole host of professional fast lenses (primes, macros and zooms), several flash guns and numerous studio stands, lights and accessories (in fact it weighs quite a bit to carry around for a whole day!)

My equipment is of a professional standard and the results speak for themselves – although do note that it is not just about the equipment, it is about the skill and attitude of the person behind the camera that really counts.

In summary, you can rest assured, I have backup equipment of a  professional grade.

For those who want to know – I have:

7 Canon DSLR bodies

24-70 2.8 zoom lens

70-200 2.8 zoom lens

35mm 1.4 prime lens

50mm 1.4 prime lens

85mm 1.8 prime lens

105mm 2.8 macro lens (for close ups and detail work such as the rings)

10-22mm wide angle zoom lens

150-600 zoom lens (I use this for sports and wildlife – it is a huge lens and I am unlikely to bring this to your wedding)

8 x 600ex RT Flashes

5 x remote triggers

2 x portable 400w studio strobes

and a whole host of other equipment – so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

The short answer is “yes” absolutely.

Your photos are transferred to our storage and only once this is then replicated onto another separate hard disk drive and the images are uploaded to our off site cloud storage, do we then relax!

Rest assured we have done everything we can to keep your images secure and safe. 

You will have access to your photos via my secure online gallery, where you can download them. I also give you access to my cloud storage facility to provide another download source. You will have access to these for a period of 3 months – but don’t worry as I store the images for longer than this.

This really depends on the time of year and how much work I have on. Generally, your photos will be ready within 3 weeks, from the date of your wedding. Somtimes it is much sooner as I like to edit them as soon as possible after the event, but during busy periods it may be closer to 4-6 weeks.

I like to keep my images as natural as possible so I only occasionally  use Photoshop to alter images. However, I use Lightroom for virtually every image and this is the tool I use to “develop” your photos – cropping and lightening/darkening them plus a few minor tweaks.

I like to get the shot right in my camera in the first place as it massively reduces the need to post production work.

I grant you a licence to print and share your photos with family and friends, as many times as you like, but I remain the owner of the images and the copyright of them. This is to prevent my work being used without my permission, for example in commercial adverts/magazines.

I tend to be moving around a lot and sometimes in some very strange positions/places. As such I do not wear a formal suit as I need to remain comfortable. I tend to wear trousers, shirt and shoes. Rest assured, I will never turn up at any wedding in jeans and t-shirt – unless you tell me that is the dress code.

Absolutely – I do not ask for any deposit, cash, cheque or credit/debit card details beforehand. You are also under no obligation and I never ask you to sign anything beforehand either.

Once I have processed your images, I send you them to you for you to use under my normal license conditions.

The simple answer is yes, but generally only for larger print sizes (normally 8×12″ or 12×18″). We do not offer “bulk” print services for 4×6″.

We would however, always recommend for “bulk” print services, using a high quality, reputable print service provider as in the world of print – you actually do get what you pay for as a general rule.

We also offer an Album Service and we are delighted with our supplier who produce super high quality modern albums. Feel free to ask about these and we will show you one of our sample albums which we are certain will impress.

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