Beth and Ryan’s Archbishop’s Palace Wedding – Tradition with a modern twist

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What a lovely bright and happy, couple Ryan and Beth are – I knew from the outset that this would be a wedding with a difference and I wasn’t wrong…………… tradition, mixed with a twist of modern. The 14th Century Archbishops’ Palace in Maidstone, mixed with sunflowers, trainers and pizza.

The day started at Beth’s and Ryan’s apartment in Maidstone. Ryan wasn’t there, but this was where Beth, the bride, was getting ready with here bridesmaids; Amelia, Sarah, Chloe, Poppy and Sophie.

Archbishops Palace Maidstone Wedding Bride Groom

When I arrived, there was a buzz of excitement and the girls had clearly had a lot of fun the night before although none of them appeared to be suffering for it.

Archbishops Palace Maidstone Wedding Bride Groom

Already at work was Rebecca Tolton – Beth’s Makeup Artist, and what a fantastic job she did. While Rebecca made the girls look even more stunning than they already did and prepared them for the day, I commenced taking a few shots (not the drink type – but photographs!) while chatting with the entourage.

After taking a few images of some details I moved onto taking photos of the bridal party as they got ready. Beth had to dash to the hair-dressers as due to the coronavirus restrictions, the hairdresser was unable to come out to the home.

After a while, like most weddings, suddenly everything seemed to happen at once; Beth arrived home, the flowers arrived and then Beth’s dad, Jim, arrived. Jim was quickly ushered into the spare room where I was so that the girls could get their dresses on without any blushes!

I took the opportunity to chat with Jim and grab a few shots of him getting ready, then it was time for Jim to see Beth in her dress for the first time………….. I was very excited to see his reaction and what a reaction it was.

Beth gave her father a small token gift and this went on to heighten the emotion.

Beth looked amazing in her dress and so it was time to take a few more photos of Beth on her own and then in turn with each of the Bridesmaids and then her dad.

The car then arrived and I had to dash to the Archbishops’ Palace to grab some photos of the guests arriving and of course the groom.

There is no denying that it was strange, wearing a face mask myself for this and seeing the guests all with face coverings on. However, I do admire Beth’s and Ryan’s determination to get married and they are clearly both very much in love with one another.

It wasn’t long before the bridal party arrived and I grabbed a snap of them walking towards the steps leading up to the Solar Room at the Archbishops’ Palace. The Solar Room is probably my favourite as it has a large window allowing a lot of daylight in, while some of the other rooms do lack the same level of natural light as it was never designed with photographers in mind. Naturally, even with all this daylight coming in, there are still some challenges with the mixed “yellow” artificial light and the natural daylight – but that is what I get paid to overcome and make the most of (I really do not like using flash during the service unless absolutely necessary and thankfully it wasn’t).

The guests all eagerly waited and Ryan looked naturally nervous, but was calmed by his mum (everyone, needs their mum from time to time, no matter how old you are).

The service was very gentle and relaxed, Kelly the officiant was very accommodating and helpful, but did have to ensure that the rules were followed in relation to the Coronavirus regulations.

Now I always ask my couples to have a 2-4 second kiss at least, so that I can ensure I get a good photo………… well these two didn’t fail to deliver and I think they may have misheard seconds as minutes!

Unfortunately, the signing of the register is not allowed to be staged as it usually is and so it is a quick signature in a book – but this didn’t take away from Beth’s and Ryan’s special Day.

After the service we took some photos around the grounds and area – The Archbishops’ Palace is without a doubt amongst the nicest registry offices in the southeast and this is great for photos and capturing those special memories.

After a few photos, it was off to the reception venue and the party was outside complete with DJ, pizza and dancing.

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