Shots of the Bride Tudeley Church, Five Oak Green, Near Tonbridge Kent

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All Saints Church in Tudeley is an amazing location set in the heart of semi rural Kent and not far from Tonbridge. The church is a magnificent building with extraordinary stained glass windows that have a real vibrancy about them. All 12 of the stained glass windows of this church were decorated by the great Russian Artist Marc Chagall.

The Church is a popular place for tourists to visit and yet remains a local parish church where people go to pray or find peace.

Surrounding the church are wonderful farmers fields and of course the church grounds which includes some fantastic old trees.

We decided that we had to take advantage of this location for a recent Bridal Portrait Shoot and began capturing some of the bride with the church.

Bridal Shots Tonbridge Kent Wedding

Bridal Shots Tonbridge Kent Wedding

Unfortunately the weather turned against us and it began to rain, not so heavily that we had to move inside, but we decided to take advantage of some of the trees which provide shelter. In addition to this we thought it was a good opportunity to test some of our newest remote flashes – so we set up a flash off camera.

Bridal Shots Tonbridge Kent Wedding

Bridal Shots Tonbridge Kent Wedding

Our bride was fantastic and very happy to keep shooting despite the challenges the weather posed, so we decided to see if we could capture some photos using the corn fields adjacent to the church.

Bridal Shots Tonbridge Kent Wedding

Despite the weather, but thanks to our bride, we are delighted with the bridal photos we managed to get a Tudeley Church and it is certainly a location we will be visiting again – but fingers crossed the weather holds out next time.

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