Graduation Photography

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We recently received a rather different request to our normal enquiries and we often get asked to photograph events other than weddings, but generally we tend not to as our specialism is wedding photography. However, we were presented with a real tale of woe; Covid has had a huge impact on so many of us all and in so many ways (take a look at Cat and Mike’s wedding story and how they made a wonderful day of it despite the Covid impact), however not being able to attend your university graduation because of covid, just really sucks!

So when we heard of the plight of Katie who had not been able to attend her graduation, but was having a party at her home and really wanted some professional photos to record the day – we couldn’t resist but to step in and do help out.

Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography 

The day arrived and while the weather wasn’t bright and sunny, in fact it was rather grey – we knew that with our professional lighting set up we would be able to create some great images, but more importantly that having met with Katie and her family, our time with them would be anything but grey. Indeed, prior to booking with us, we had explained that we aren’t the type of photographers that take stuffy photos and that we would have some fund and capture some real moments. This was easy as Katie, her family and friends were all great fun to work with.

Of course we had to get that more formal image for prosperity and Nan and Granddad’s mantle piece so once we had set up our lights we ensured that we got that all important photo and Katie was a natural in front of the camera.

Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography

Then is was onto getting photos with mum and dad who were more giggly than their kids and couldn’t stop cracking jokes.

Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography

Of course we couldn’t miss out Katie’s brother and this only led to more laughter.

Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography

After some more photos we had to finish off with the obligatory hat throwing, complete with Katie’s friends and then finally a group photos.

Maidstone photographer kent redberry photographyMaidstone photographer kent redberry photography Maidstone photographer kent redberry photography

We were with Katie, her family and her friends for an hour and captured over thirty great moments to record Katie’s day. We absolutely loved every minute of it and felt very privileged to have been given the honour of documenting these moments.

And for those who are wondering………. Katie secured a first class honours degree and having looked at her fantastic art work, which can be found at Prints by Katie B, we really are not surprised.

To find out more about our photography services, why not drop us a line – we love to chat weddings and/or photography.

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