Three Things To Ask Yourself Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

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Ask yourself these questions to find the best wedding photographers

Are you searching for the most amazing wedding photographer? There are so many different personalities out there from the over exuberant extroverts to the shrinking wall flowers who can’t bring themselves to direct groups for the family formal photos. Sadly we all know couples who weren’t happy with their chose wedding photographer.

Across London, Kent and Surrey there is thankfully a huge choice and there is going to be a photographer out there who is the perfect match for you as a couple – but how do you find them? Not only is it vital that they have the right skills, professional equipment and that they are reliable (take a look at our “Questions You Should Ask your Wedding Photographer” article which covers most of this for us), but remember that as bride and groom, you will be spending more time with your wedding photographer on your wedding day than any other supplier. 

As such there is more than just the “mechanics” of their skills and approach. Are they the right person for you? What is their approach? What is their style? (For information on our style and approach take a look at our “About us” page).

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Did they listen?

It is so important that you form a good relationship with your photographer on a personal level and as mentioned earlier, not only do they need to have the right level of skills and professionalism – they should also be fun to be around. Did they get to know you as a couple, as people and not just as clients? Did they simply ramble on about venues they have worked at, how many couples they have worked with and who they have met? This in an indicator that they may be more interested in themselves than in you……

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Do we feel comfortable with him/her?

If you don’t feel at ease and relaxed around your wedding photographer, how are you wedding photos ever going to look natural and amazing? It is so important that you get on with your photographer on a personal level so that you can relax and trust them. If you are really nervous about having your photo taken then their professionalism and personality are key to helping you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We offer a “try before you buy” free engagement pre-wedding photo shoot so that you can see how we work and get a feel for us a people. 

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Does you wedding photographer shoot and show “real couples”?

Take a good look through their work and ask yourself are the couples in the photos, couples who you can identify with? Are they from all kinds of backgrounds and ages? It is so important that your wedding photographer has a consistent style as this shows that they can provide this for you and any other couple in any location.

Vital is to scrutinise the images to ensure that they aren’t simply models from a training day or portfolio building day (this is a tell -tale sign of an inexperienced wedding photographer) as anyone can make a model look good, especially when they have a tutor setting up the pose, the lighting and background. Remember a true professional can create meaningful memories at real weddings. This is another reason we offer our “Try before you buy” engagement pre-wedding sessions – it is one thing seeing other people in our photos, but nothing is quite like seeing yourselves!

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If you want to know more or simply want to chat weddings and or photography then please drop us a line. 

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